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Designs for Scaffolding Hire in Westerham

Do you need scaffolding erectors to manage your scaffolding hire project in Westerham? The local team at P R Jones Scaffold Hire recommend ideal scaffolding designs to provide safe access and height for any size job. Depending on the style of property and type of work being carried out, we tailor scaffolding for hire to match your requirements. Leading scaffolding companies like ourselves provide designers and erectors with a vast knowledge of scaffolding infrastructures. We create accurate drawings of supported tower frames and suspended platforms as part of our free consultation service.


Scaffolding Frames


Supported Scaffolding


Scaffolding hire services include supported scaffolding for hire frames, which are suited to projects in Westerham involving heavy-duty construction. The scaffolding structure is secured to the wall of the property and balanced with a base connected throughout the scaffolding hire tower. These are ideal frames because they offer maximum support for stone and brickwork jobs.


Suspended Scaffolding


Scaffolding companies work around immovable ground obstacles and hazards by using cantilever scaffolding designs. These suspended platforms are used to elevate workers who need to carry out installations or repairs at higher-level storeys too. Suspended trestle platforms are perfect for property maintenance work, such as painting, decorating and window washing at Westerham venues. Trestles can be raised and lowered to access different heights.


Temporary Roofs


Professional scaffolding erectors in the Westerham area provide domestic and commercial clients with high-quality temporary roofs. Our scaffolding hire team secures reinforced tin, corrugated iron or polyethylene sheets to scaffolding frames. These structures protect your property from weather damage and dust, as well as maintaining privacy. We routinely check temporary roofs during the scaffolding for hire period to maintain their condition.


Chimney Stack Access


If you need to reach your chimney for repair work, scaffolding companies erect purpose-built platforms to allow easy access. These are single platforms which connect to suspended scaffolding hire frames. Chimney restorations are usually carried out by one person, which is safer at smaller Westerham properties with awkwardly shaped or pitched roofs.


Design and Management Service


When Westerham clients choose our scaffolding erectors, they receive the following dedicated service:


  • We visit your Westerham property to assess the site
  • Our scaffolding hire team carries out an in-depth consultation
  • Designers produce drawings based on the purpose of the project
  • Scaffolding companies like us supply and deliver quality scaffolding equipment
  • Erectors efficiently assemble small to large complex scaffolding frames
  • Comprehensive tests ensure structures are safe to access for Westerham workers
  • Scaffolding for hire is regularly inspected every 7 days or following extreme weather
  • Scaffolding hire experts are available to undertake repairs in a timely manner
  • We safely deconstruct platforms and frames as soon as the job is complete


To learn more about how our scaffolding erectors assist in roof repairs for your Westerham maintenance project, call 01883 341 615, 07850 953 749 or 07850 953 748.

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