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Safety Guide for Scaffolding Hire in Coulsdon

Scaffolding companies such as our own provide domestic and commercial clients throughout Coulsdon with a safe scaffolding hire service. We comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations to prevent work-related injuries. Choosing professional scaffolding companies which are accredited by the CITB ensure scaffolding erectors means they’re fully qualified to manage scaffolding for hire equipment responsibly. Coulsdon clients rely on our team at P R Jones Scaffold Hire to plan and carry out comprehensive safety checks for any size job.


Planning Scaffolding Designs


Scaffolding companies require specific information to provide Coulsdon clients with tailored scaffolding for hire services. Our friendly experts arrange a consultation and a convenient time to visit their property.


The team at P R Jones Scaffold Hire create designs based on the following project details:


  • Location of the site
  • Scaffolding hire timeframe
  • Purpose of the project, such as heavy-duty construction or restoration work
  • Dimensions of the Coulsdon property, including any structural restrictions
  • Total number of boarded lifts required
  • Heaviest capacities to support the transfer and storage of materials and tools
  • Maximum number of workers accessing scaffolding for hire frames
  • Ways to access scaffolding platforms, including ladders, staircases, ladder bays and lifts
  • Special machinery requirements, such as hoists for raising and lowering building or maintenance materials
  • Local hazards, including public paths, highways or power lines
  • Condition of the grounds at your Coulsdon property, to ensure supported scaffolding towers and platforms are secured
  • Drawings and blueprints of the domestic or commercial venue
  • Additional restrictions related to scaffolding for hire being assembled, maintained or dismantled safely


Implementing Safety Procedures


Professional services offered by scaffolding companies include competent scaffolding erectors with the required skills for assembling and inspecting complex infrastructures. Scaffolding companies like our own provide ongoing training for new and seasoned employees. Our team is kept up-to-date on the latest scaffolding for hire procedures, materials, plus health and safety regulations.


Scaffolding companies ensure scaffolding hire is constructed to impeccable standards of quality. Senior or advanced scaffolding erectors supervise bigger, complex projects and carry out regular inspections throughout the scaffolding hire period.


Home and business owners in Coulsdon benefit from hiring the top scaffolding companies as their preferred choice because emergency safety repairs are available quickly and efficiently.


Our scaffolding erectors inspect scaffolding frames for the following reasons:


  • Once scaffolding for hire has been erected at your Coulsdon property
  • At least every 7 days after the initial assembly
  • After structural integrity has been affected, e.g. extreme weather damage


Scaffolding companies appoint a competent person to carry out a safety inspection with a detailed report. This outlines any issues with the scaffolding for hire which requires immediate action. Any loose connections, ties or boards from general wear will be resolved.


If you need scaffolding erectors in the Coulsdon or surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas, call 01883 341 615, 07850 953 749 or 07850 953 748.

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